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  • Guide to the Ha Giang Bike Loop
    Some of the most beautiful scenery and landscapes that we saw on our whole trip in Asia, we saw while riding the loop in Ha Giang! Located at the very north of Vietnam, Ha Giang is a place renowned for its motorbike loop! This really is one of the ‘can not miss’ places when travelling in […]
  • Best Adventure in Bali
    Mount Batur Sunrise Trek All you need to know about Mount Batur… It sits 1,717 meters above sea level It takes around two hours to hike up (good for beginners) It is opposite Mount Agung (Bali’s highest mountain) It is AWESOME! This was the highlight of our trip to Ubud! In fact, it was the […]
  • Top Sights in Ubud, Bali
    What to do? By far the most amazing thing to do in Ubud is the Mount Batur sunrise trek. It is probably one of the highlights of my whole travels so far! I will be doing an entire blog on the trek so stay tuned… but for now here’s a few photos! Saraswati Temple This […]